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The mission and goal of GOYA ministry is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith. By developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active sacramental members of the living Church, our young people will be equipped with tools necessary to assist them in their journey toward salvation.


The Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA, is the ministry to teenagers of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Since GOYA is ministry, the orientation and implementation of the program should reflect the Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition and Life.

Two Tips To Make Your Psychic Reading A Success

tarot readerMore and more people are seeking out the assistance of psychics in order to gain clarity concerning the issues that they face each day. Problems in the realms of love, career and health are universal, and the search for answers may sometimes lead out of the natural world and into the metaphysical.

If you’re one of the individuals who is planning to go a psychic to obtain a reading, you may believe that simply showing up is all that you need to do. You may even have visions of a crystal ball, which lights up with rain and thunder as your psychic tells you all about your past, present and future.

However, approaching your psychic reading from this vantage point is not the best way to get the desired outcome. Use the following information to learn more about three tips you can use to help make your experience with the psychic as beneficial as possible.

Know Which Psychic To Go To

Contrary to popular belief, it’s highly unlikely that even the best psychic mediums will have all of the answers that you are looking for. In the same way that there are specialists in the professional world, many readers also have a particular area of the psychic realm that they specialize in.

For example, if you are in a long-term relationship and are wondering whether or not it will ever deepen into something more, it wouldn’t be a good idea to visit with a reader whose primary expertise involves guiding people toward their life’s vocation. Making this mistake can be quite costly, and may even leave you with a bad taste in your mouth concerning psychics as a whole.

Have Your Questions Ready

Another great way to increase the likelihood of a successful psychic reading is to have your questions ready. If you go to a psychic asking for a general reading, you are more likely to get general responses that could apply to anyone.

Having a list of questions ready to ask your psychic helps to focus their energy so that they can concentrate on delivering you the information that you are seeking. This makes your time with the psychic fruitful so that you can get what you came for: Answers.

Psychics have the ability to “wow” you with their amazing gifts of insight and foreknowledge. The next time you request a reading, follow these tips so you can maximize your time with the psychic.

Psychic Readings – More Than Just A Feeling?

tarot cardsWe’ve all seen the advertisements. Blinking neon lights surround a large open hand with the words “Psychic Readings” inscribed across the palm. Late night TV advertisements offer life-changing answers for a mere $3.99 per minute.

Unfortunately, our deep desire to know what the future holds, produces an opportunity for fraud. It desensitizes the public. Society in general no longer takes psychic ability seriously. Still, we all know someone with a story about “knowing” or we have had “that feeling” just in time to avoid a tragedy. It is understated and rarely recognized, but psychic abilities are ever present. Acknowledging the existence or tapping into them, however, is a personal choice.

What is a Psychic Reading?

According to www.wikipedia.com, a psychic reading is “a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct.” Those who tap into their abilities will say they cannot “attempt” a psychic reading. It is an all or nothing situation.

Whatever their choice of connection may be, touching or focusing, for example; the consensus is that they can either read a person instantly or not. Trying or “attempting” does not work. There are concerns about controlling or turning it off. Should they tell a person in the frozen food isle what they’ve seen after accidentally bumping into them? Do they really want a constant influx of other people’s personal information just “popping in their heads?”

We All “Read”

Although these are examples of more advanced psychic abilities, we all perform psychic readings on a daily basis. Instantly disliking someone without reason, is a form of psychic reading. If you automatically like, dislike, or can not stand to be near a person that you have no previous exposure to, either in person or by word of mouth, you’ve “read” them.

You may not be aware of the details, but you have performed a psychic reading. Just as some children naturally excel in certain subjects, there are others who excel in psychic reading. Will you find an extraordinary psychic reader sitting in front of a crystal ball at a Renaissance Fair? It’s possible, but the likely the answer is no. There most certainly are gifted psychics who want to share their abilities by offering psychic readings. Believing they can be found underneath a blinking neon hand or working for a pay by the minute telephone company, is again, a personal choice. If you crave a psychic reading, perhaps you should quietly listen to what your own psychic abilities have to say.


Real Psychic Abilities are More Common that We Think

Throughout history, there have been individuals gifted with abilities to hear and see in the unknown world. Before they have been called witches, possessed, evil, sorcerers, or in other cultures, shamans, healers, medicine men and women, etc. A more modern term has become that of psychic. The field itself has become so popular that the term “real psychic” may be used to describe those who have proven their abilities, as opposed to others who may be telling clients what they wish to hear for the purpose of earning money. 

Psychic Abilities Vary

There are a wide variety of real psychics today, all with slightly different abilities. Some are able to “hear” the voices of those that have past within their own minds, others are given visions about future events, some are even able to directly feel the emotions of certain living persons. Amongst the psychic community, it is not believed that these abilities are uniquely held by only a small number of people. Rather, it is understood that all are quite natural in humans. Our culture teaches us to fear and shun our more intuitive side, leading, in most cases, to a shutdown of our normal abilities to interact with the unknown.

Evidence is Mounting to Support the Existence of Real Psychics

The undeniable existence of real psychics has led governmental bodies to enlist their assistance in situations such as detective work. Fully documented cases have occurred where the perpetrator of a crime was found and convicted entirely through leads provided by psychic help.

Real Psychic Abilities

Children have been the most consistent group to show psychic abilities. Nearly all young children talk about seeing spirits and fairies, yet this seems to abruptly end when children reach the age of around five. Could this be a coincidence?

Many parents will tell their children this is their imagination, or in extreme cases, criticize the child for the expression of their thoughts. Yet with closer examination and a lack of fear, those that listen to the words of small children will hear a much deeper truth. The world of the unknown can flow through their mouths with ease, as cultural influences have not yet shut down their natural psychic talents.

How Can We Tell if a Psychic is Real or Not?

All of us still contain some element of psychic ability, even if just a spark. Allowing your intuition and bodily sensations to guide you in regards to the legitimacy of another may be your most reliable source. Also, real psychics will generally provide their clients with a certain segment of time free of charge. During this time, asking key questions which they would be completely unable to answer if not through the unknown world will provide you with evidence as to their legitimacy.

Can we Regain our Natural Psychic Gifts?

The number of psychics available for hire today is confirmation of the level of public interest in the field. Is it possible for individuals who have forgotten how to connect with the unknown world to relearn? Some believe so. Simple acknowledgment and acceptance go a long way to open up the mind to relearning these lost skills, whereas skepticism is an almost guaranteed closed door. Meditation, prayer, time in nature, conversations with small children, and strong intentions all are helpful in bringing back these gifts. And of course, working directly with a real psychic can be immensely helpful.

Experiencing a Real Psychic Reading

It’s hard to believe that our world can be any more fantastic than it is, just looking out the window. We are surrounded by so much beauty, adventure, and excitement that it is hard to believe there is more to it all, but there is. There is a certain subset of people, psychics as they are commonly referred to, that have been blessed with a gift and an affinity for powers that go beyond what most people can understand. We’ve all seen the hammy psychics on television and we’ve read about them in books and plays for most of our lives, but a real psychic in the flesh is much different than those interpretations. They can do so much for you.


Visiting a real psychic can be quite the intimidating experience. On the one hand there is a natural part of our mind that is skeptical of the whole ordeal but on the other hand, there is an aura of capability surrounding real psychics. When you go and visit a psychic for the first time you can expect to see many different things depending on the personal style of the psychic reader. Some really like to underplay their abilities and blend in with the crowd while others like to play up all of the showmanship that they can. Psychics are just like anybody else in that they are usually unique.


psychic-readersWhen you go to a psychic you typically already have some sort of notion of what you want to know. Maybe you are going there to talk to someone beyond the grave. Maybe you want to know what your future will be like or perhaps you want closure out of a relationship that ended too short. Many psychics will promise you the world, and we’ll get into that later, but legitimate psychics will know the limitations of their power. Go with an open mind and a handful of questions to your psychic and see what he or she is able to offer you. A real psychic will make no promises or demands. They will simply channel as they can and reveal the results to you. This could mean a number of different things, each one dependent on the specific meeting.


Lastly I want to discuss a far too common issue with the psychic industry: frauds. When you work in a science that cannot be nailed down my normal men and women you leave the door open for frauds to step in and start exploiting people. It’s a sad but common part of the psychic world. There are some tell-tale signs of a fraudulent psychic which are easy to spot for the ready eye. Most frauds will ask for far too much information: your name, age, city of birth, family details, and so on. A real psychic does not need this information. Others will promise you too much. Just keep an eye out for these red flags.

How Does Telepathy Work?

What is Telepathy?

The process of mental telepathy is the transfer of thoughts and images from one mind to another with only using the mind, which can mean several different things (for example, but not limited to); being able to read someone else’s thoughts, having the ability to tell if someone is lying, or even be able to predict events that will happen in the future. All of this is known as telepathy, which allows someone to telepathically know a person’s innermost thoughts without them having spoke a single word out loud, giving them the ability to know someone’s secrets and desires as if they were an open book and you were reading them. Someone with the ability to do that must be highly skilled in telepathy and be able to control their ‘power’, otherwise a person’s thoughts might just become a jumbled mess in their mind as someone else’s thoughts mixes with their own.

Is Telepathy Real?

While telepathy is well known among people, it’s not believed by many to exist outside of science-fiction, superhero movies, and that of the like. Even scientific consensus debunks telepathy as a real phenomenon. However, there are many government organizations, scientists, doctors, and other kinds of professionals that have been studying the art of telepathy for decades in an attempt to understand how exactly it is that telepathy works among individuals. There are several forms of telepathy besides being able to read someone else’s mind; Divination and precognition are two more. Those who are able to read other’s thoughts may also have the ability to transfer their own thoughts to someone else as well. Some telepaths have even claimed to be able to communicate with the dead. It’s also said that those who have telepathic powers are more open to being able to feel the emotional state of others and even reflexively feeling that particular way themselves even without having wished to.

The Four Types of Telepathy:

The more technical terms for each type of telepathy are as follows; Latent telepathy (Which was formerly called ‘Deferred telepathy’ because of the time-lag between the transmission and reception of information) which is the basic transmission of thoughts; Precognitive and intuitive telepathy, which is almost the same as latent telepathy in the way that it’s also the transfer of information exception this form of telepathy transfers thoughts of the past, future, and present state of someone’s mind to someone else’s; Emotive telepathy, (also known as remote influence or simply emotional transfer), is the transmission of kinesthetic sensations as opposed to thoughts; and finally, superconscious telepathy, which involves the holder to tap into the superconscious in order to gather knowledge by accessing the collective wisdom of the human species. Several forms of telepathy is known as Parapsychology.

Studies on Telepathy Continue:

Telepathy was studied by The Society for Physical Research, which was founded in 1882 in PPTelepathyEngland, where a number of experiments and studies followed. After the society had produced startling results with claims of success with telepathy, it was later revealed that the gathered research had been falsified and that many of the test subjects had cheated in the studies. However, that didn’t stop other organizations from conducting their own studies and further exploring the psychic discipline where extensive studies continue. All forms of telepathy has been debunked by skeptics who think any successful study about the ability is nothing more than inconclusive and falsified results. Despite the high amount of skepticism that surrounds telepathy and other types of physic ‘powers’ and their claims that all the research that claims telepathy does, in fact, exist, doesn’t stop more organizations from pursuing their own studies to find out how the psychic discipline works.

Performing An Online Psychic Reading

An online psychic reading is a way to find out information about the present and future by reading from past events. If you want to do a psychic reading for a friend, there are some things to keep in mind so that the session is not upsetting. In some form, all it takes to be a psychic is telling the person what they want to hear about their life. However, there is something called a cold read where you give basic information, and the person can do with it as they please.


The first thing you want to before your online psychic reading do is find a quiet place in your home. You also need an Internet connection that is free from glitches so that you can have an uninterrupted connection with the other person. The person you are doing the reading for should send you a picture of the person they want information about or several pictures of people in their life who could have passed away. Try to set a mood where both of you are comfortable before beginning the reading.

psychic reader


Begin the conversation by making statements that are general in nature. This could be things from your own childhood or adulthood that would relate to almost anyone. The person will feel like you know how they feel because you are in tune with their life. Things like the person feeling different from others as a child or that feelings are held inside because it is not known how to express them are good beginning statements. This will make the person think that you have a grasp on their life.

Move to Specifics

When you have the person’s attention, say something about a hidden talent the person might have that is being suppressed because of a fear of rejection. Try to make backup statements during the psychic reading by stating one thing that the person might be good at while still giving an out by saying the person is not sure about being around certain people or that the person might be shy in doing certain things. Questions are a good way to get the person talking, and when the person talks, use what they say as a guide to what to tell them.