Performing An Online Psychic Reading

An online psychic reading is a way to find out information about the present and future by reading from past events. If you want to do a psychic reading for a friend, there are some things to keep in mind so that the session is not upsetting. In some form, all it takes to be a psychic is telling the person what they want to hear about their life. However, there is something called a cold read where you give basic information, and the person can do with it as they please.


The first thing you want to before your online psychic reading do is find a quiet place in your home. You also need an Internet connection that is free from glitches so that you can have an uninterrupted connection with the other person. The person you are doing the reading for should send you a picture of the person they want information about or several pictures of people in their life who could have passed away. Try to set a mood where both of you are comfortable before beginning the reading.

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Begin the conversation by making statements that are general in nature. This could be things from your own childhood or adulthood that would relate to almost anyone. The person will feel like you know how they feel because you are in tune with their life. Things like the person feeling different from others as a child or that feelings are held inside because it is not known how to express them are good beginning statements. This will make the person think that you have a grasp on their life.

Move to Specifics

When you have the person’s attention, say something about a hidden talent the person might have that is being suppressed because of a fear of rejection. Try to make backup statements during the psychic reading by stating one thing that the person might be good at while still giving an out by saying the person is not sure about being around certain people or that the person might be shy in doing certain things. Questions are a good way to get the person talking, and when the person talks, use what they say as a guide to what to tell them.

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