Psychic Readings – More Than Just A Feeling?

tarot cardsWe’ve all seen the advertisements. Blinking neon lights surround a large open hand with the words “Psychic Readings” inscribed across the palm. Late night TV advertisements offer life-changing answers for a mere $3.99 per minute.

Unfortunately, our deep desire to know what the future holds, produces an opportunity for fraud. It desensitizes the public. Society in general no longer takes psychic ability seriously. Still, we all know someone with a story about “knowing” or we have had “that feeling” just in time to avoid a tragedy. It is understated and rarely recognized, but psychic abilities are ever present. Acknowledging the existence or tapping into them, however, is a personal choice.

What is a Psychic Reading?

According to, a psychic reading is “a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct.” Those who tap into their abilities will say they cannot “attempt” a psychic reading. It is an all or nothing situation.

Whatever their choice of connection may be, touching or focusing, for example; the consensus is that they can either read a person instantly or not. Trying or “attempting” does not work. There are concerns about controlling or turning it off. Should they tell a person in the frozen food isle what they’ve seen after accidentally bumping into them? Do they really want a constant influx of other people’s personal information just “popping in their heads?”

We All “Read”

Although these are examples of more advanced psychic abilities, we all perform psychic readings on a daily basis. Instantly disliking someone without reason, is a form of psychic reading. If you automatically like, dislike, or can not stand to be near a person that you have no previous exposure to, either in person or by word of mouth, you’ve “read” them.

You may not be aware of the details, but you have performed a psychic reading. Just as some children naturally excel in certain subjects, there are others who excel in psychic reading. Will you find an extraordinary psychic reader sitting in front of a crystal ball at a Renaissance Fair? It’s possible, but the likely the answer is no. There most certainly are gifted psychics who want to share their abilities by offering psychic readings. Believing they can be found underneath a blinking neon hand or working for a pay by the minute telephone company, is again, a personal choice. If you crave a psychic reading, perhaps you should quietly listen to what your own psychic abilities have to say.


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