Real Psychic Abilities are More Common that We Think

Throughout history, there have been individuals gifted with abilities to hear and see in the unknown world. Before they have been called witches, possessed, evil, sorcerers, or in other cultures, shamans, healers, medicine men and women, etc. A more modern term has become that of psychic. The field itself has become so popular that the term “real psychic” may be used to describe those who have proven their abilities, as opposed to others who may be telling clients what they wish to hear for the purpose of earning money. 

Psychic Abilities Vary

There are a wide variety of real psychics today, all with slightly different abilities. Some are able to “hear” the voices of those that have past within their own minds, others are given visions about future events, some are even able to directly feel the emotions of certain living persons. Amongst the psychic community, it is not believed that these abilities are uniquely held by only a small number of people. Rather, it is understood that all are quite natural in humans. Our culture teaches us to fear and shun our more intuitive side, leading, in most cases, to a shutdown of our normal abilities to interact with the unknown.

Evidence is Mounting to Support the Existence of Real Psychics

The undeniable existence of real psychics has led governmental bodies to enlist their assistance in situations such as detective work. Fully documented cases have occurred where the perpetrator of a crime was found and convicted entirely through leads provided by psychic help.

Real Psychic Abilities

Children have been the most consistent group to show psychic abilities. Nearly all young children talk about seeing spirits and fairies, yet this seems to abruptly end when children reach the age of around five. Could this be a coincidence?

Many parents will tell their children this is their imagination, or in extreme cases, criticize the child for the expression of their thoughts. Yet with closer examination and a lack of fear, those that listen to the words of small children will hear a much deeper truth. The world of the unknown can flow through their mouths with ease, as cultural influences have not yet shut down their natural psychic talents.

How Can We Tell if a Psychic is Real or Not?

All of us still contain some element of psychic ability, even if just a spark. Allowing your intuition and bodily sensations to guide you in regards to the legitimacy of another may be your most reliable source. Also, real psychics will generally provide their clients with a certain segment of time free of charge. During this time, asking key questions which they would be completely unable to answer if not through the unknown world will provide you with evidence as to their legitimacy.

Can we Regain our Natural Psychic Gifts?

The number of psychics available for hire today is confirmation of the level of public interest in the field. Is it possible for individuals who have forgotten how to connect with the unknown world to relearn? Some believe so. Simple acknowledgment and acceptance go a long way to open up the mind to relearning these lost skills, whereas skepticism is an almost guaranteed closed door. Meditation, prayer, time in nature, conversations with small children, and strong intentions all are helpful in bringing back these gifts. And of course, working directly with a real psychic can be immensely helpful.

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